Tamika Williams—Makena Progesterone Therapy

Tamika Williams-

My name is Tamika Williams and I am 40 years old.  In March of this year I went to Dr. MacCurdy for a regular check up when he informed me that I was about six weeks pregnant.  From the very beginning of my pregnancy Dr. MacCurdy was proactive in doing what needed to be done in order for me to go full term with this pregnancy. My first pregnancy, I delivered my daughter at 23 weeks.  She weighed 1lb 5oz. She spent 15 weeks in NICU at St. Mary’s Hospital. My daughter is now a happy, healthy, and bright six year old.  When I was about ten weeks pregnant I started spotting, Dr. MacCurdy had me to immediately start taking progesterone orally and via shots. I also had a cerclage at 14 weeks of pregnancy and began the Makena shots at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Thoroughout my pregnancy, Dr. MacCurdy monitored my progesterone levels.  At 39 weeks, on November 10, 2014, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy via c-section. He weighed 6lbs 10oz.  My husband and I are truly grateful for Dr. MacCurdy, and for all of his knowledge, guidance, and faith throughout this pregnancy.

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