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Vivi’s Testimony

“It is comforting for my family and me to be in the care of a pro life doctor. My first three deliveries were with three different doctors. The first delivery, my Ob/Gyn barely made it on time and the second delivery my doctor never made it for the […]


There are safe inexpensive and effective means to achieve pregnancy without expensive and invasive procedures. Simple monitoring and supplementing of natural hormones can achieve the same or even better results as costly infertility clinic techniques!


Minimally Invasive Surgery for Gynecological Conditions We offer a wide range of advanced minimally invasive surgical treatments for gynecological conditions.  These treatments have many benefits and are as age and effective as traditional surgical techniques.  Laparoscopic hysterectomy results in less scarring, less pain and a shorter hospital stay. […]


NaproTechnology (Achieving pregnancy naturally without using IVF, preventing pregnancy loss and reducing prior pregnancy problems) Natural Family Planning (Dr. MacCurdy is a trainer in NFP) Preconception Counseling Early pregnancy confirmation Obstetric education Obstetrical Ultrasound at several centers, from Jupiter Medical Center directly across from Dr. MacCurdy’s office to […]

Health and Wellness

Dr, MacCurdy is a proponent of preventive medicine, using natural means to bring out the best in how we were created to be, fully integrated healthy and happy women! He offers free screenings for nutritional wellness with a wellness appointment and if there are nutritional deficiencies, Life Pac […]