Second Trimester

  • 12 – 16 weeks
    Start buying maternity clothes, and tell your friends and family the great news

  • Try to get a little exercise everyday

  • OB visit – blood pressure, urine, weight every time now

  • Listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler

  • 18 – 20 weeks
    Feel the baby moving for the first time

  • Ultrasound to check anatomy-gender if you want to know

  • Your belly is starting to show!

  • Find out about your employer disability policy

  • 20 – 24 weeks
    OB visit every 4 weeks

  • Start looking for a pediatrician

  • Start researching childbirth and lactation classes (La Leche League is a great resource!)

  • Plan the nursery, and start registering for baby items!

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