NaPro Technology


NaProTECHNOLOGY is natural procreative technology that utilizes natural family planning charting as a tool to diagnose and treat women’s reproductive disorders. This new women’s health science addresses every reproductive and gynecological medical issue. It provides genuine hope, help, and healing for women, is a legitimate and effective approach to women’s health care, and is a true alternative to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology).


  • a medical technology that destroys, manipulates or disrespects a woman’s fertility;
  • a medical technology that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church;
  • a quick fix or band aid approach; and
  • to be combined with artificial approaches.


  • the first to network family planning with reproductive and gynecologic health monitoring and maintenance;
  • able to evaluate and diagnose the underlying problems;
  • morally acceptable to people of all faiths, maintaining the integrity of the human person, dignity of women, and integrity of marriage;
  • a technology that provides real solutions to real problems such as infertility, PMS, ovarian cysts, repetitive miscarriage, post partum depression, hormonal abnormalities, chronic discharges, and other health problems; and
  • pro-life medicine, which respects women, couples, and unborn children.

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